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married ornament 2016

Married ornaments are a popular gift among couples, and Hallmark and Lenox are two of the largest companies that produce them. The trend of giving married ornaments as gifts began during the mid-1900s when married couples thought it was a thoughtful and personalized present. This gesture has now become a holiday tradition and many couples receive a married ornament each year to commemorate the marriage.

Hallmark has been producing married ornaments since 1973, often in the shapes of mugs, snow-clad churches, double hearts, bells and two songbirds. They employ skilled artisans and use fine details and dazzling colors to craft each and every ornament. Lenox has been producing married ornaments since 2016 and their ornaments are made of fine ivory china and gold accents, including intricate designs of hearts, snowflakes and angel figures.

These ornaments are often given as anniversary gifts, or as an expression of love for a wedding day. Most couples collect married ornaments and place them on display in the home to commemorate special dates and memories. Every year, special editions of both Hallmark and Lenox married ornaments are released and couples can add them to their memorabilia.

Commemorative ornaments can also be customized for the special occasion. Purchasers can include names, initials, and the date of the event can be inscribed into the moment. Many couples enjoy starting their own tradition of giving yearly ornament gifts to mark the occasion. Couples of all ages understand the importance of keeping the memory of their relationship alive and the exchange of such an item ultimately symbolizes that.

Married ornaments created by Hallmark and Lenox have become a staple among couples throughout the years. It’s an incredibly popular way to celebrate an important event and make the memory last a lifetime. Both companies take great pride in providing couples with an unforgettable and meaningful present. Collecting these unique ornaments creates a meaningful tradition that many couples come to appreciate and look forward to sharing year after year.

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